F1804 Art and Architecture in Renaissance Venice

F1805 Shakespeare in Venice and Verona

F1807 Intercultural Communication

F1808 Gender Studies

F1810 Representations of Time and Space in Western and Far Eastern Cultures

F1811 Cultural History of the Jewish Diaspora

F1812 Jewish Visual Culture

F1813 Identity, Heritage and Globalization: Global Cultural Heritage in International Law

F1814 Globalization, Ethics, Welfare and Human Rights

F1815 Global Governance for Peace and Security, Cooperation and Development: conflicts regarding scarse resources and social development

F1816 Sino-Japanese Rivalry over the Aid, Trade, and Investment Triangle in Emerging Asia

F1817 Medicine, Culture, and Globalization

F1818 The Protection of Animals in International Law

F1819 Activism, Social Movements, and Revolution

F1820 Philosophers, Rebels, Tyrants

F1821 Politics and Propaganda in Film

F1822 Early Modern Print Culture (in the Digital Age)

F1824 Globalization, Communication and Network Society

F1825 Digital Culture