F1704 Art and Architecture in Renaissance Venice

F1705 The Imaginary City: Why Writers Love Venice

F1706 Architectural and Urban Heritage. Venice before and after the Collapse of the Republic

F1707 Intercultural Communication

F1708 Gender Studies

F1709 Comparing East and West

F1710 Patterns of Democracy and forms of government: comparing Western and Islamic traditions

F1711 Re-contextualizing dramas in different Cultures. The Case of Ibsen

F1712 Global Governance for Peace and Security, Cooperation and Development

F1713 Identity Heritage and Globalization

F1714 Globalization, Ethics Welfare and Human Rights

F1718 Training in UNESCO World Heritage Studies

F1719 International Organizations and their Role in the Preservation of Cultural Heritage

F1720 Critical Food Studies: Culture(s) and the Global Politics of Food

F1721 Digital Humanities: Web Resources, Tools and Infrastructures

F1722 How to Begin Thinking: Some Versions of 20th-Century History, Philosophy, Literature and Theory

F1723 Social Documentary as Global Phenomenon

F1724 Let's Kill the Moonlight. The Early 20th Century Avant-Garde Performative Movements in Europe - a theoretical course and practical workshop