F1904 Art and Architecture in Renaissance Venice

F1905 Italian Architecture in Russia

F1907 Intercultural Communication

F1908 Gender Studies. Gender-Based Violence and Self-Defense

F1909 Comparing East and West. Governing Consumer Behavior in China, US and Europe

F1910 Visual Representation and the Cultural Other

F1911 Eating and Drinking from a (trans)-Cultural Point of View

F1912 Identity, Heritage and Globalization. Global Talent Flows: International Migration, Science and Innovation

F1913 Globalization, Ethics, Welfare and Human Rights

F1914 Global Governance for Peace and Security, Cooperation and Development

F1915 Globalization and Economic Welfare

F1916 Cultural Globalization and Big Data

F1917 Distant Suffering: Humanitarian Advocacy in the Age of Social Media

F1918 Ecofeminisms: Theories and Transnational Movements

F1920 Economics of Cultural Heritage

F1921 Cultural Management (Issues and Methodology of Cultural Management and Policy Analysis)

F1922 The Globalization of Intellectual Property: from Innovation to Cultural Heritage

F1923 Representations of Time and Space in Western and Far Eastern Cultures

F1924 Architecture as Communication

F1925 Modernism: Enchantments and Disenchantments

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