Agamben, Giorgio <1942->



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Sovereign power and bare life
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Agamben, Giorgio <1942->

Sovereign power and bare life / Giorgio Agamben / translated by Daniel Heller-Roazen.

Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press 1998

Abstract: The work of Giorgio Agamben, one of Italy's most important and original philosophers, has been based on an uncommon erudition in classical traditions of philosophy and rhetoric, the grammarians of late antiquity, Christian theology, and modern philosophy. Recently, Agamben has begun to direct his thinking to the constitution of the social and to some concrete, ethico-political conclusions concerning the state of society today, and the place of the individual within it. In Homo Sacer, Agamben aims to connect the problem of pure possibility, potentiality, and power with the problem of political and social ethics in a context where the latter has lost its previous religious, metaphysical, and cultural grounding.