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The European convention on human rights and the principle of non-discrimination
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The European convention on human rights and the principle of non-discrimination / edited by Marco Balboni

Napoli : Editoriale scientifica, 2017

La Ricerca del Diritto nella Comunità Internazionale ; 15

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Abstract: This book is the outcome of an agreement of cooperation between the School of Political Sciences of the University of Bologna - Campus of Forlì, the Fondation René Cassin - Institut International des Droits de l'Homme and the Higher School of Economics of Moscow. After a general introduction aiming to give a comprehensive view of the principle of non-discrimination in the framework of the ECHR and to familiarize the reader to specific points discussed in depth in subsequent chapters, the book is divided in four sections. Section I contains some insights on the principles of non-discrimination coming by two ECtHR's "insiders", i.e. the former President of the Court, J.P. Costa, and the former juriconsulte, M. De Salvia. Section II pays attention to some peculiar horizontal developments emerged within the ECHR and offers a comparison with the same principles as emerged in other contexts. Section III explores new approaches to non-discrimination in the context of today's European society, considering either how the principles of non-discrimination has been applied to specific rights or to specif grounds of distinctions. Finally, considering the multifaceted concept of discrimination and the complexity about minority groups, the book ends with an Interdisciplinary Section.