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Reproductive health and human rights
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Cook, Rebecca J.

Reproductive health and human rights : integrating medicine, ethics, and law / Rebecca J. Cook, Bernard M. Dickens, and Mahmoud F. Fathalla.

New York : Clarendon Press, 2003.

Issues in biomedical ethics

Abstract: The concept of reproductive health promises to play a crucial role in improving health care provision and legal protection for women around the world. This is an authoritative and much-needed introduction to and defence of the concept of reproductive health, which though internationally endorsed, is still contested. The authors are leading authorities on reproductive medicine, women's health, human rights, medical law, and bioethics. They integrate their disciplines to provide an accessible but comprehensive picture. They analyse 15 cases from different countries and cultures, and explore options for resolution. The aim is to equip readers to fashion solutions in their own health care circumstances, compatibly with ethical, legal and human rights principles.