S1901 History of Venice

S1902 Italian Contemporary History in Films

S1904 Art and Architecture in Renaissance Venice

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S1905 Immigrant Voices in Contemporary Italy

S1906 The Image of Italy in the English and American Novel (1860-1908)

S1907 Venice in World Literature (Fabulations)

S1908 Venice Signatures (Masks and Traces)

S1909 Music and Power: from Monteverdi to Vivaldi

S1910 Venice in Smartphone Video

S1911 Intercultural Communication

S1912 Gender Studies

S1913 Gender and Kinship in the Age of Assisted Reproduction

S1915 Romantic Love in Japan and Europe

S1916 Fandom in Globalization

S1917 (Post-)Colonial Encounters: Racism and the Making of “Africa”

S1918 The Birth of the Renaissance Self

S1919 Literature and Business

S1920 Framing the American West: The Aesthetic and Political Forms of the American West and their Global Impact

S1922 Global Governance for Peace and Security, Cooperation and Development. At the Roots of Cosmopolitan Constitutionalism

S1923 State, Political Economy, Law and Justice. Classical Readings in Modern Political Thought

S1924 Environmental Management and Sustainable Development Cities, Global Change and Sustainable Development

S1925 Globalization, Environment and Sustainable Development

S1926 Economics of Environment, Natural Resources and Energy

S1927 Macroeconomics: Growth, Business Cycle, Crisis

S1929 Introduction to Environmental Engineering

S1931 Environmental Crisis and Societal Change: Discourse, Effects, Solutions